Charlie Strange

*Of special note for the Cardinals, and the entire league, was the inspirational play of sixty-four year old Charlie Strange. Charlie originally came into the league three years ago thinking he was going to be an assistant coach, but halfway through that first game was pressed into service when the regular second baseman twisted his ankle. Since that time Charlie has continued to play with all the infectious enthusiasm that he once displayed during eight years of minor league ball in the 50ís and 60ís. This past season he continually amazed both teammates and opponents alike playing in every game while anchoring down the infield at second base and batting fifth. In the end, he simply astonished, coming in second in the batting race with a .519 average while collecting a third highest 28 hits. Charlie also had the rare privilege of being teammates with, and also the father of E.M.S.B.L. rookie of the year 30 year old Keith Strange. What a thrill it must be to have the opportunity to play hardball with your adult son. Hats off to Charlie, the player who gives us all hope when the old aches and pains seem to be dragging our careers to a close.